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Smart Test Creation

Testing on real devices

Visual Error Reporting

CI/CD Integration

Performance Reports

Export test dataset

Assisted Pilot and Custom Integrations

Dashboard Reporting and Access Control

Auto test generation using MoQuality AI.


Q. How many tests can I record?

Record and replay as many tests as you like using Barista.

Q. How many devices can I replay my tests on?

You can plug any Android or iOS mobile device and replay your tests.

Q. How can I use MoQuality with my team?

You can create a Team from the Accounts page. There you can invite other members of your team.

Q. Which app development frameworks does MoQuality support?

We support all native Android and iOS apps. We also support testing on iOS simulators and Android emulators.

Q. How easy is it to download and setup MoQuality?

You can do it within 10 minutes. To get started visit

Q. Who can use MoQuality?

MoQuality solutions are easy to use and don't require any coding skills. Anyone on your team can start testing and save your engineer's time..