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Developer Plan

Free $100 credit, $5/test run afterwards.
Testing with our recorder always free.
Get Started
A robot explores your app to perform UI testing by mimicking a real user
Train our robo by record your test cases
Test your app on real devices in the cloud
Get detailed crash logs and list of UI issues
Integrate MoQuality with CI/CD tools you already use
Get detailed page load times and detailed performance measurements
Custom pricing plan for high volume testing
Test on devices within your enterprise network

Extend MoQuality

Bulk Add Tests: $350/100 tests

Add a package of 100 tests to your account for a flat rate instead of paying for every test.

Data Export Package: $100/month

Download all the test flows with screenshots, test descriptions and other details.


Can I try MoQuality before I buy?

You sure can - your account is credited with $100 with all the features available.

How long does MoQuality retain data on my app?

We store data for 90 days. If you want us to store your test data longer, contact us. After that the data goes poof. We also offer a feature where your tests run on a private device, contact us if you would like to subscribe to it.

How can I use MoQuality with my team?

You can create a Team from the Accounts page. There you can invite other members of your team. Any member of the team can pay for the entire team with a credit card.

Does MoQuality test on real devices or emulators?

We test on real Android and iOS devices. On our dashboard you can create Device Groups for running tests.

Which app development frameworks does MoQuality support?

We support all native Android and iOS apps. We also support iOS testing on simulators.