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Fast and reliable test-automation for mobile apps

Introducing Robo Testing

MoQuality Robo tests your Android and iOS app by systematically exploring the app and simulating multiple user paths. It can be triggered to run automatically on selected devices and app versions for a specified duration. The Robo test results highlight UI issues, performance stats, and any encountered errors.

Regression Testing

Detect regressions issues across different versions of your app.

Compatibility Testing

Run tests across real devices and discover device specific compatibility issues.

Find Non-Responsive Screens, Errors and Crashes

Review and share actionable insights from test logs, screenshots and video of the test runs.

Log analysis

Discover issues and debugging insights hidden in test logs.


Start tests in the cloud from your dev env or CI/CD.


Check your app for common Android and iOS UI flaws.

Confidence for Everyone

What does this mean for your team?

Release Faster

Shorten sprint cycles by automating test runs on MoQuality.

Improve the User Experience

Analyze UI consistency and issues in your app.

Get Better Ratings

Prevent bad reviews by finding issues before users encounter them.

Increase Test Coverage

Discover more bugs, issues, crashes across devices and OS versions.

Speed of Testing

Run your tests from your CI/CD pipeline and get results within minutes.

Work Smarter

Get test insights and prioritize work based on bugs that really matter.

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MoQuality enabled Careerbuilder to create 100+ test flows within a week

With MoQuality, Cox expanded their coverage for tests and devices, and reduced costs

MoQuality saved Parkmobile developers’ 20+ hours/week in test creation and expanded device coverage