Reclaim your engineers’ time

Mobile app testing to improve end-user experiences


MoQuality's Barista is a test-automation solution that brews tests for your apps and runs these tests on real devices.

Experience scriptless UI test creation

Simply walkthrough your user-flows to build adaptive tests. No coding required.

Record once run everywhere

Run tests across real devices and discover device specific compatibility issues.

Visualize test results

Review and share actionable insights from test logs, screenshots and performance.

Integrate with your workflow

Setup MoQuality with CI/CD systems like Bitrise, CircleCI and Fastlane.

Getting Started

Not quite ready? Learn more about how Barista works and see how easy it is to get started with test automation.

MoQuality offers customized plans based on your enterprise needs. Get in touch with us to learn more.

Refine your tests with custom assertions

Parameterize test inputs for data-driven testing

Make API calls to connect your tests to backend.

Group Tests together in a Test Suite

Generate and export Appium test scripts for recorded tests

Analyze Performance, UI issues, and layout optimizations

Collaborate with your team and see test results in one place

Self exploratory Robo Tests using MoQuality AI

Cloud Device Test Labs Integrations

Trusted By

MoQuality enabled Careerbuilder to create 100+ test flows within a week

With MoQuality, Cox expanded their coverage for tests and devices, and reduced costs

MoQuality saved Parkmobile developers’ 20+ hours/week in test creation and expanded device coverage