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The MoQuality team has created Starters for our users to skip the complicated Appium project setup and directly play with MoQuality and try out our exciting features.

Starters are pre-coded Appium examples on sample apps that are all set and ready to run. Simply download one and click 'Run Test'.

Boilerplates are projects that are preset according to the framework of choice. You need to add your own Appium code and then run these.


Start with an example that you can modify and play around with.

  • Explore the Google IO 19 schedule
  • Explore the API Demos App
  • Fetch Email using MQLab
  • Test that shows addition and crashing app
  • Monkey Testing using Appium
  • Tests that show how to select elements using Appium's wd client


Start with some boilerplate code by adding your Appium code and running it on MoQuality.

  • wd
  • webdriver
  • Python
  • Java
MoQuality Boilerplates and Starters