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Run Tests On MoQuality

After creating your Appium tests, you can run them on any local device or select an available cloud device of your choice. Please ensure that you have setup Appium and MoQuality on your system before proceeding.

Run tests saved locally

  1. Prepare your Appium tests in your local project directory that you are using with MoQuality.
  2. Open MoQuality Dashboard and navigate to your project Home.
  3. Ensure your app under test is uploaded in your project. Check 'Apps' tab. If it isn't there, Upload your app.
  4. Click on 'Test' button.
  5. Open terminal and run mqlab
  6. Select your project directory where you have saved the test.
  7. Choose device - Use the Local Device or Use a Cloud Device.
  8. Click 'Run Test'.

MoQuality will setup Appium on the device, install the app and run your test. It might take a few minutes. You will soon see your test running.

After the test run is complete, you can save this test to your MoQuality Dashboard, click 'Upload Test'.

Run tests saved on MoQuality on a cloud device

Tests that you saved manually as above can be viewed under the 'Test' tab. To create a run on these tests:

  1. Choose the test that you wish to run. Click on the options button beside the test name and select 'Create Runs' from the drop-down. OR Go to 'Run' tab and click '+Create Run'.
  2. Now you need to select your app, app version, and desired test.
  3. Next, select the devices on which you wish to run the test.
  4. Once you are satisfied by the run configuration for this test, click 'Create Run' button on the top.
  5. Your test run has been requested. You can view the status and results on the 'Run' tab.
  6. Click 'View' for the desired run to view the test results.