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Appium Boilerplates

This section shows how to use boilerplate code for creating your own Appium tests with MoQuality.

Prerequisites 1. Ensure that MoQuality is installed. 2. If you are using a local device, you need to install Appium and set up your mobile device.

Create an Appium Test 1. Click '+Create Test' button. 2. Select your test directory where you wish to store your Appium tests. 3. Download the boilerplate code with either of the two Appium clients - wd or webdriver. 4. Go to the test directory and open test.js file in any code editor. You will see the boilerplate code in this file. 5. Next, you need to specify the app under test. Upload your app to MoQuality and specify the link in this file for the variable 'app'. 6. Add your Appium code to this file. 6. Click 'Run Test' button to run this test on your device. 7. Debug your test as per your satisfaction. Once the test run is complete, click on 'Upload Test' to save this test in your Dashboard.

Create a new test step

You can generate Appium code for each step in your test flow. To create a new test step select any existing step in MoQuality. You will see the before and after screenshots fo that particular step along with options for creating a new step. Navigate to the screen you want to add a step on. If the new step does not depend on the widget you will find the action on this page. Select the action and MoQuality will show you the Appium code you should use in your test for this step.

If the new step depends on a widget, hover over the screenshot and select the widget first. MoQuality will try to find the best selector that widget. Choose the action you want to perform on that widget and MoQuality will show you the Appium code you should use in your test for this step. You can choose to modify the selectors if you need to and MoQuality will show you the modified code.

That's it. Use MoQuality to create or debug your test. Once you are done, you can simply save it and upload it to MoQuality.