Shauvik Roy Choudhary
CEO & CoFounder at MoQuality

Today MoQuality and Genymotion are excited to announce our partnership to launch the integration of the two mobile app test-automation platforms. This partnership solves some key challenges with test automation.


Many app testers are not comfortable with scripting automated tests and find it challenging to setup a robust and reliable test infrastructure. A second challenge is the fragmentation of mobile devices in the market. It is becoming increasingly difficult to test on such a vast number of devices. Now, our users can easily create automated tests using MoQuality's test authoring and Robo Testing tools and run them instantly on Genymotion's cloud-based virtual devices.

What is Genymotion?

Genymotion offers Cloud-based Android device emulators available on a private cloud, on AWS, GCP or Alibaba Cloud (PaaS). Using Genymotion Cloud users can run Appium, Espresso, Robotium tests in parallel on Android running directly as a virtual machine through a web browser. It provides Android device access without the complexity of managing the test infrastructure. Genymotion has pre-configured templates representing thousands of devices on the private cloud service.

Why use MoQuality and Genymotion together?

This integration makes it easy to get started with test-automation for anyone who is new to Appium and other mobile test frameworks. It adds the capability for users to test their apps on various combinations of older devices and OS versions also which are unavailable in the market now but still are being used by many end-customers.

Users can now use MoQuality's test-authoring tools to create tests without writing any scripts, but also generate, edit and run Appium scripts on the fly. With the integration, it is now possible to directly run these tests on 200+ cloud-based virtual devices instantly. Test runs can be triggered directly from MoQuality or from your favorite CI tool. The MoQuality platform builds and maintains the required test infrastructure and dependencies including managing the devices and running the tests in parallel. The test run errors, device logs, UI issues, performance insights are aggregated, and instantly available in one comprehensive dashboard, which can be shared with the team to recreate and resolve the issues.

Get started with test automation for mobile apps in minutes

  1. Sign up for a free trial on
  2. Upload your Android .apk file to MoQuality.
  3. Create an automated test for your app using MoQuality's test-authoring tools.
  4. Configure a test run by choosing your app version, test, test data and devices available on the Genymotion cloud. (Sign up on for a free $50 worth of credits now)
  5. View and share the test results on your MoQuality Dashboard.

For more details check out our docs.

More benefits for the users

  1. Ease of use Create and maintain Appium tests visually. Use adb on virtual devices remotely. Integrate with your CI/CD tools. No test infrastructure maintenance required.
  2. Scalability Run these tests on hundreds of Android devices in parallel with a choice of thousands of devices configuration and Android versions from 4.4 to 9.0. Pay as per your usage.
  3. Additional test coverage for improved user-experience MoQuality's Robo testing auto-checks the app for UI issues, layout consistency and marketplace compliance.
  4. Better team productivity Share visual test results with your team to reproduce and resolve issues faster.

"Genymobile's mission is to use our passion for innovation to empower people to create remarkable mobile experiences for their customers. Partnerships such as this let us focus on the success of the mobile development and testing community to exceed their customer's expectations. Leveraging our scalability in the cloud and tools such as those from MoQuality is a big step forward for the community,"
Tim Danford,
CEO of Genymobile.

"We are excited about this partnership as this integration supports our mission of helping app teams spend less time on repetitive QA tasks and focus more on improving the end-user experience."
Shauvik Roy Choudhary,
CEO and Co-Founder, MoQuality.

Shauvik Roy Choudhary
CEO & CoFounder, MoQuality
PhD, Computer Science
Software Testing Tools Expert
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