Revolutionizing App Testing with Intelligent Tools

Save time and get Mo' Quality for your apps with AI based testing.


Faster Release Cycles

Don't spend weeks writing and maintaining tests. Go agile with continuous testing of each app version across multiple devices.

Reduce Human Errors

Repetitive tasks are automated and work flawlessly every time. Computer Vision algorithms check for the finest differences.

More Customer Love

Give customers the error-free experience they desire. Increase engagement and satisfaction, without any bad reviews.

How MoQuality Works

AI Test Generation

MoQuality’s AI is designed to automatically generate and run tests across your app on any device. Our AI explores and creates new test runs and systematically identifies and interacts with every widget.

AI Test Recording

Writing tests is hard. Simply demonstrate an app feature to our test recorder. MoQuality learns from your interactions and your application behavior to build an adaptive AI test that can be run on multiple devices.

AI Issue Detection

MoQuality analyzes application behavior across devices for each regression to automatically identify issues in your app and presents them in an visual report.

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